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How to download the Habhoe Flash Client | Wiki

This is a small guide to downloading and installing the Habhoe flash client on your device.

Playing on the Flash client offers the full Habhoe experience, including jukeboxes, camera, and more.

First, you want to click "Flash Client" instead of "Enter Hotel"

Clicking it will bring you to this screen,


Above this you have your Token Code, which is like a second password allowing access to your account. It is important not to share this code with anyone. 

To start downloading click the download link for your operating system, allow the download and launch the program when it's finished.

Windows users: A security pop-up will show up. Click "More info" and "Run anyway"

Mac users: Open system preferences, Security & Privacy, unlock the panel (bottom left). You should see the application, click "open anyway"

The program will automatically install Habhoe and it'll be ready to run the flash player!

Opening the program will show you this login screen:


Copy and paste your Token Code from the download page into the bar and click Let's Go! So long as you stay logged in to Habhoe, your Flash client will remember you.

For simplicity in the future, to open the launcher all you need to do is click the Flash Client button and then click "Open launcher"


Thats it! Habhoe should run after you copy and paste your Token Code. If you have any questions about downloading and running Habhoe feel free to ask staff.

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