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How to use the Camera | Wiki

The camera is currently only available for Flash users.

Using the camera on Habhoe is simple, the camera has 3 main functions.

  • Taking photos
  • Making photos furni
  • Posting photos on the Habhoe site

This will be a guide on using and navigating the camera.

First, you want to click on the camera icon in-game on the bottom bar.


Clicking on it will bring up a camera lens that you use to take photos in game, below it has the last 5 photos you've taken in that game session.


Clicking the red button takes photos of whatever is in the frame.

So, after lining up your shot and clicking the red button, you can click on it in the bar below it and then click the green edit button.


Here you can put filters on your image, and zoom in. The save button saves the image to your device.

If you want to post this photo on the web, or make it a furni you need to click "Preview" and it will bring you here.


If you want to make this image a piece of furni, you click "Buy photo poster furni" this will cost you two coins.


You can now share, and trade the image ingame!

If you want to post the photo on the web you can post it for 10 duckets by clicking the "Publish on web" option.


Your photo will now be displayed as the most recent pic on Habhoe!

That's it! If you have any questions about or encounter any bugs using the camera feel free to reach out to Habhoe staff.

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